‘Turn off the TV, Mr. President’

by Rich Lowry

I wrote today for Politico about Trump’s unhealthy obsession with cable TV:

Obama famously described himself as having a pen and a phone (that’s how we got DACA). Trump has a phone and a remote control, and often works them in tandem as he criticizes, praises and comments on things said about him on air.

Trump is the most unusual combination of a politician who, on one hand, was elected president by thumbing his nose at media elites and trampling on their dearest beliefs and, on the other, is obsessed about what media elites write and say about him.

It’s understandable that John McCain, who joked about the media being his political base, would care about what’s said about him in the press. But Trump? Who every other day broadcasts his contempt for journalists and is unafraid to take actions — pulling out of the Paris climate accord, revoking DACA — that are guaranteed to generate media outrage?

Trump is experiencing the agony of the media-bashing media figure.

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